Personalized preventive medicine

Knowledge of human DNA has led to a radical change in the diagnosis and prognosis of genetic-based diseases.

In this field, knowledge has allowed for quicker identification of genetic variations (genetic polymorphisms) associated with the risk of developing certain diseases and/or more or less rapid progression of the disease. This facilitates early diagnosis and prognosis of the disease for each patient.

What is Arthrotest®?

Arthrotest ® is a genetic test to predict knee osteoarthritis progression.

What benefits does it offer?

  • ®Predicts the course of your knee osteoarthritis.
  • Allows you to take preventive measures.
  • Helps your doctor personalize your treatment in the most appropriate way.
  • The above benefits can help improve your quality of life.

Who is it for?

People with knee osteoarthritis.

How do I do the test?

The test is done using a saliva sample. We analyse the genes to detect whether there is a predisposition to suffering from rapidly progressive knee osteoarthritis.

In less than one month, your doctor will give you the results in a personalized report. (This information requires interpre tation by a healthcare professional.)

Where is the test done?

Your doctor will perform the test at the office and send the sample in to be analysed.

Arthrotest Arthrotest